Hing Missionary Update-December 2012

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Hing Missionary Update


HING ECUADOR UPDATE – DEC 2012Serving with Extreme Response Intl. and RCE Intl.

In this update: God’s Faithfulness, A New Ministry, Upcoming Visit To The U.S., and Prayer Requests




As parents, it is our privilege to raise the children God has entrusted to us.

We have just finished a weeklong Christmas outreach with Extreme Response and its partners in Ecuador.  Seven parties were held within poor communities and they received love, compassion, and the gospel message through the service of volunteers that have come from far away places to support Extreme Response in this endeavor.  The days are long and involve a lot of hard work in preparation, setup, teardown, and cleanup, before and after each event; where the love of Christ was shared and His image reflected to the people of Ecuador.  Since Teresa and I are directly involved with these events and managing volunteers, it is hard to juggle our family and give the proper amount of attention and care to Easton and Haven, let alone maintain their schooling commitments.  For this reason, on two occasions we pulled them out of school and on three occasions we gave them an opportunity to serve the people of Ecuador alongside of us and the other volunteers.

Here are a few Photos of Easton and Haven serving at the Christmas parties.



An indigenous Quechua community.

My friend and Ecuadorian brother, Carlos Ruiz, has shared with us a personal ministry and burden that he has for a Quechua community that is 2-1/2 hours outside of Quito.  When Carlos first met them, there was no Christian evangelical church within the 7 surrounding communities of indigenous Quechua.  The communities are very poor and basic with very few to no public resources.

Right now, Carlos has just finished helping them build the main sanctuary and wants to shift his priority.  They have many needs, among those needs, the pastor has asked for himself and his 3 elders to be discipled spiritually, due to the limited nature of the seminary they are currently attending.  Carlos has asked our family to aid him and his family in this personal ministry.  We have prayed for and visited this community over the past 2 months.  Now, Carlos and I are in the middle of structuring the discipleship and could use your prayers on this.

The last time we visited, the pastor asked if it was possible to help bring a Christmas to the 200 children in his communities.  We were lost for words and committed it to prayer since we are only 2 families doing this on our spare time.  We know that God has unlimited resources and a plan for these people, so please feel free to pray over this situation as well.

Pastor Juan admiring the new door freshly installed on the newly constructed church.
Does anyone know anything about donating frequent flyer miles or have a desire to do so?


This upcoming summer.

We are looking forward to visiting and sharing with family and friends during that time.  Our time will also include opportunities to share our ministries that are here in Ecuador with churches, small groups, businesses, individuals, etc…  We already have several opportunities to build relationships with new friends and possibly potential supporting partners that would require us to travel a bit around the U.S. and maybe Canada.  Our time is very restricted since we would be there between the last week of June and the second week of August.

Please join us in prayer as we figure out how to best plan the use of our time while visiting.  Additionally, we would like to share a need for travel provision to and from the U.S. and during our time there while traveling to the places we have been invited to share.  We are not sure how this sort of thing works but we have heard of people donating frequent flyer miles in cases like this.  Please pray about this and feel free to share with us any knowledge on this or other ideas.


  • Pray for the Quechua community in Otavalo and how we can best serve them in the name of Christ.
  • Receiving other opportunities to share our ministries and build support in order to continue working here in Ecuador.
  • Planning and provision for traveling to the U.S. initially and then getting to and from some of the places we’ve been invited to share and visit.

God bless you all…

– The Hings


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