Update from Missionary Heidi Olson, August 2012

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A Brighter Future

For months I have prayed and asked the Lord if we should give our Thursday night group a name. Nothing ever came to mind, so we just continued nameless. Every week, as I hosted people in my apartment for our bible study, I would have everyone say their name and where they were from. I started to introduce myself by saying: “My name is Heidi and I am from Haikuo Tiankong.” (The name of my apartment complex) Soon others who also lived in this complex would say the same and then eventually still others who didn’t live here would also say they were from here… I guess they just felt at home at Haikuo Tiankong – the name in Chinese is 海阔天空 which literally means something like, “Ocean Vast, Sky Elegant”. I’ve never quite understood it. One day it was bugging me that I had no good translation for “Haikuo Tiankong” so I popped it into Google Translate and was shocked to see: “A BRIGHTER FUTURE” in the translation window. (Try it – you’ll get the same thing.) I quickly asked my Chinese friends what in the world this meant and as they thought about it, they realized it was a sort of idiom that meant “a brighter future” maybe something like, “My future’s so bright, I’ve got to wear shades…” So now we are Brighter Future! Maybe someday we will become Brighter Future Fellowship or… BFF. At any rate, we all know that no matter what life hands us, we have a Brighter Future with Jesus Christ! And because of this we have joy and hope for the good things to come.

The Amazing Picnic
What started out as just a fun picnic event for our bible study group turned in to an exciting outreach with several coming to Christ. My plan was to just eat and play games and sing some worship songs at the park with our group, but the Holy Spirit and our other group members had something else in mind. As we set up the sound system, onlookers gathered, we started to sing our worship songs and the crowd grew (including several security guards). Eventually our group infiltrated the crowd with song books and everyone was singing along with our Chinese worship songs. By the end of the evening, we were able to present the gospel message and several came forward to accept Christ including the translator’s mother! When the sun went down we finally ate our picnic dinner amazed that we were able to  share the love of Jesus with so many new friends.

Summer in America
This summer I had a fantastic trip home to America. I got to visit friends and family in Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin. And I brought my China family with me! My dear friends Andrew and Julie from Australia who also live in China came to the U.S. with me, their 11 year old son Tyler attended Camp Tecumseh and we all went with my folks up to our cabin on Star Island. I also had two back-to-back fantastic family reunions, more cabin time with other family members including my cool nephew Clive (pictured above with my parents, brother David, sister-in-law Jonna, me and Paul Bunyan) and a super time visiting my home churches Upper Room in Indiana and Community of Hope in Minnesota. I was able to share about the ministry in China at Community of Hope, if you would like to see this, go to www.cohlc.org/resources/sermons scroll down to “A Day at the Lake with Jesus” click on my name. In that clip, you’ll also see a video about our life here in China.