Calvary Chapel Managua – July-August News

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July-August News
Calvary Chapel Managua
We have had a busy summer with teams, the fruits
of the teams, and with our youth ministry. In July we
had three teams from South Florida. A team from
CC Ft. Lauderdale stopped by to help out for a
couple of days and even made an evangelistic trip
to La Chureca, the city dump.
CC Boca Raton sent two wonderful youth teams back to
back. They had some of the best American soccer players
that I have ever seen. We put their skills to good use at apark, and that opened the door for them to witness to some
of the local youth. One of the men they witnessed to in thepark was baptized a few weeks later.

The baptism in August was beautiful. We
baptized six people from our own congregation,
mostly youth; and then we shared the baptism
pool with another local ministry. They baptized a
number of youth and children.
Prayer Requests: Please pray for Valeska
Gutierrez and her family as her father just
passed away, and also for Yolanda Rivera
and family as well, since her mother passed
away recently. John and Jamie Ingalls came down with their family in July.

John gave a great presentation about NASA, including a video,
Please pray for our youth group to a bunny suit, and many other space center articles that the
continue to grow spiritually.children were able to see and touch. Dot Pirrello also worked
Please pray for our finances as with our school and was able to offer good training sessions
donations have dropped significantly inwith our teachers. She even got to go on some field trips to
the current, struggling economy neighboring cities with them. The parents paid for 100% of the
worldwide. field trips, which was amazing to see.

As usual, the youth group has been very active.
They did a Bible Memorization Olympics and
hosted another group of youth who came from
Granada. The worship was awesome that night!
Last, but not least, Mariling Dávila gave birth to a
boy named Mathew on July 4. Please pray for baby
Mathew as he has had severe digestion problems
and is underweight.

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