Update from Missionary Heidi Olson, June 2012

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House Church Visit

As soon as our cars arrived at the [underground] house church, our team of about 10 young believers gathered in a little circle on the sidewalk to pray. Just as we began, a loudspeaker in the neighborhood began to play this very loud and dramatic orchestral music. And just as we finished praying and said, “Amen!” the music ended… We all looked at each other in amazement and laughed. I figured the Holy Spirit knew we would like some excitement and drama – He was sending us in with a song! The excitement did not end there, as we stepped into this house church of about 50 people, we felt His presence. At the end of our time together, the entire fellowship (many of whom were older and I am sure have experienced suffering) came forward to pray for the filling of the Holy Spirit. On their knees and with tears (pictured above) they prayed out to God. Our young team beautifully ministered to these faithful saints. The experience had a profound impact on our little team (including myself!) as we observed these older believers’ open hearts and love for God.

Open Doors

I have been praying that God would give us Thousands in Shenzhen, our Bible Study has been praying for this and preparing to launch out with the Gospel. I remind our group over and over that they have a work to do for the Kingdom! The time has come for us to get going! I have been invited to speak at some other fellowships and this has been the perfect opportunity for our group to go for it! We have created Ministry Teams that go together to each fellowship, everyone has a job! Johnny is the PPT Man, Caleb plays guitar, Vivan sings and leads worship, Jennifer translates, Judy prays sitting on the front row, Benson prays sitting on the back row… And when people come forward for prayer, our team surrounds them with love and faith. When someone comes forward to repent and receive Christ as their Savior, our team shares some literature, prayers and friendship welcoming them into our Family. In the picture above, Julia in the blue t-shirt and Jennifer in the white shoes pray for some older “aunties”, Johnny in the blue t-shirt operates the ppt from his wheelchair. I am so proud of them – some have only been believers for a few months, and now God is using them to share with others what they have themselves received from Jesus Christ. We have decided to follow Him even to the end – going and making disciples of all nations!

We Love the Kids! 

“Can you imagine knowing about Jesus your whole life starting from your childhood?” Most of the people in our Bible Study can’t imagine growing up this way, so when kids started coming to our Bible Study, we all got excited! Every Thursday the kids eat dinner with, worship and pray with us and then head with their Children’s Church teacher Miss Tyler next door! Above is a picture of Tyler and two of our girls – they watch Miss Tyler closely to do just what she does! Tyler and her husband Jordan are my dear friends who live next door (last year I prayed that my old neighbors would move and that Tyler and Jordan would move in – it was a prayer from the Holy Spirit because that is exactly what happened!) Our kids are learning from a young age that they have a Father in Heaven who loves them! But that’s not all! Our Bible Study members all take turns translating for Tyler and assisting her – I get really excited about this part! Our new believers have an immediate opportunity to learn how to minister to others as they learn from Tyler and teach our kiddos! Each month people sign up to volunteer – and they are jumping at the chance to learn how to teach our kids – over 50% of our Bible Study group is involved in teaching these kids – can you imagine a church where over 50% of the congregation is excited to teach the kids!?