7 Reasons Why Christians Should Attend the Local Life Chain

Written by Davy71 on Sep 19, 2012 in Heidi Olson - No Comments

7 Reasons Why Christians Should Attend the Local Life Chain


1) To join a national prayer chain that seeks God’s grace, mercy, and forgiveness for our nation. “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray… [2 Chron. 7:14].” The 9/11 attacks and continuing terrorist threats on America are surely linked to the catastrophe of legalized abortion, as the innocent blood of America youngest citizens— victims of unspeakable terrorism themselves, by the tens of millions—cries out for justice. If God used a horrendous civil war to end institutional slavery in America, what might He use to end legalized abortion, which is a far greater threat to our nation than all foreign terrorists combined? If we truly value preborn Americans as we say we do, is not our own homeland one of the earth’s most violent nations today? Let us not permit denial to steal our compassion and will to act.

2) To better understand the impact that legalized abortion is having on our country and why the Church must unite to end it. The first and primary purpose of Life Chain is to minister to its own participants. We the Church can end legalized abortion and severely wound its family of allies homosexuality, pornography, cohabitation, addictions, divorce, etc.—in any year we commit to do so.

3) To move the Church, under pastoral leadership, from the pews to the “city gates” and market place, where Christ often taught. For too long, we have remained in our sanctuaries and relied on rhetoric or surrendered to silence, instead of submitting to God with compassionate hearts in action. Wrote Afro-American pastor Clenard Childress, Jr., a champion for Life, in No Shepherds Cry: “The pew cannot do what the pulpit is supposed to do.”

4) To minister to the public, empowered by the Holy Spirit. If the Church accepts the ministry God intends for His followers, God will empower His Church to witness truth to the public, with conviction, humility, and compassion.

5) To honor the many millions of preborn citizens who have perished. They have often, if not usually, endured brutal deaths alone, while within sight or earshot of church bells and pulpits.

6) To help build a bold and committed army of Christians who truly want to be Prolife in deed and word. We must engage the battle until the curse of legalized abortion is vanquished from our land. America is surely not a “Land of the Free” for preborns. And to what degree are we spiritually a “Land of the Brave” today?

7) To provide God a witness to anoint and use to save lives and change hearts in each local area. God wants to work through willing vessels who will defend and honor His Little Ones with devotion and boldness.